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How to get to mogwhyn palace || All Paths to Mohgwyn's Palace Elden Ring

How to get to mogwhyn elden ring  -  Mohgwyn Palace is a secret late game area in the Elden Ring with more than one way to get there, one early on through a series of quests and one later. As with any Dark Souls title, Ring of Elden has a large number of off-the-beaten path areas that can only be accessed through specific questlines or extensive exploration. Mohgwyn Palace is one such area, with only two possible entry points, buried deep in the subsoil of Ring of Elden, the Mohgwyn Palace map can be seen from Siofra, with an ominous red-orange glow emanating from the building, for which players may think there is a way to him from underground.

How to get to mogwhyn palace ||  All Paths to Mohgwyn's Palace Elden Ring

Unfortunately, the only two paths into this intense area are above ground, one early on and the other in another secret area, adding another layer of complexity. Players should be careful about entering Mohgwyn Palace too early, as the enemies there are quite fierce, and no doubt more scaled by the end of the game. Tougher versions of Ring of Elden Previous enemies, like the ravens in Caelid or the tumbling alien creatures in Liurnia, litter all corners and deal heavy damage.

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The first of the two paths to Mohgwyn's palace is much easier and more accessible early in the game. Ring of Elden White-Faced Varré's infamous questline rewards the player with a method for permanent invasion, as well as a medal used to teleport directly to the Palace. His quest line is quite short and can be completed after defeating Godrick the Grafted. In Liurnia, White-Faced Varré can be found in the Rose Church on an island in the giant Liurnia Lake to the west.

Talking to him there and using the invasion items he gives the player three times will progress your quest to the next stage. After speaking with him again, seek out the Church of Inhibition in northeast Liurnia to retrieve the blood of the maiden he requests. Talking to him twice after retrieving the blood will reward the player with a reusable bloody finger and the Pureblood Knight Medal. Using the Medal will send the player directly to Mohgwyn Palace.

The enemies of Mohgwyn's palace are fierce Elden Ring

The other option is much later in the Elden Ring, in another secret area. To get to the Hallowed Snowfields, where the access point is, players must complete Haligtree's Medallion and use it in Rold's Great Elevator. The Haligtree Medallion can be completed by completing the questline from Latenna, found in the Mountaintops of Giants.

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Once the medallion is complete, returning to the elevator and switching actions to the Haligtree medallion will take the player to the hallowed snowfields. Moving west from the Inner Hallowed Snowy Fields Site of Grace will take the player to the edge of the land, where they will eventually see a portal that leads directly to Mohgwyn Palace.

Although players are able to reach Mohgwyn Palace as early as Liurnia, the boss in this area is quite difficult, with a large health and damage bar to boot. This boss fight is definitely best left for late game, as its second phase will be especially difficult to do without a special item and end game stats. Without the Sacred Tear item, Mohg will cause the player to lose blood three times in a row, and even steal their health for himself.

One of the best aspects of entering Mogwhyn Palace in Elden Ring is the famous rune farming sites. Beyond the red lake, there is a Site of Grace with many different rune farming methods, with bows, AOE attacks and more, some Tarnished have found routes that allow thousands of runes in a short period of time. However, exploring this area is still difficult for lower levels and is one of the Ring of Elden's most unforgiving areas.

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