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Shipwreck cove in fortnite : How to find a family photo on a shipwreck in Fortnite

How to find family photo on shipwreck in Fortnite -  The challenges in Week 12 of Season 5 ask players to find a family photo on a shipwreck. In this article we present the solution to the challenge or epic mission: "Find a family portrait in a shipwreck."

Shipwreck cove in fortnite : How to find a family photo on a shipwreck in Fortnite

While players who already know the location of a shipwreck in Fortnite will be able to achieve this mission quite easily, those who do not know it will surely find it quite difficult. It is for this second group of players that this guide has been written and, in fact, it will make the challenge very simple.

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Where To find the family portrait in the shipwreck fortnite

For starters, there are three areas that can be visited to complete this challenge, and they are essentially at opposite ends of the map. The first, and perhaps the most obvious, of these areas is Shipwreck Cove, which is located on the southeast shore of Catty Corner. The other is Crashed Cargo, and you'll find it on the beach directly west of Sweaty Sands. And finally, Shark-fin Telliz, in the far northwest above the Stealthy Stronghold.

Once you have decided on the location you will go to, let's see how to find the family portrait once you arrive. Fortunately, there are several images in both the Shipwreck Cove and the Crashed Cargo, and it is likely that any player in the area after a short time will come across one.

With that said, here are specific details on the family portrait locations:

Location of family portraits in Cala del Naufragio

  1. In a bathtub in the northeast corner (past the third ship).
  2. Leaning on a rock are some boxes and a life preserver (after the second boat and before the third).
  3. Next to the green and red boat turned upside down at the southern end, between the boxes and next to a buoy on the shore.

Position of family portraits in Collapsed Cargo

  1. Close up of a stack of wooden crates north of the blue containers.
  2. In a red container that stretches out into the water near the southern end and next to target practice shooting.

Shark Dog Family Portrait Location in Telliz

  1. Next to a ship stranded north of the shark's "nose".

After locating one of these family portraits, players simply have to zoom in and press the entry that appears on the screen to interact with it. They should then receive an immediate indication that they have completed the “Find a Shipwreck Family Portrait” challenge and earned their reward. That reward is a good chunk of XP, for those looking to level up in Fortnite Season 5.

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However, this is not the only chance to earn XP this week, as there are a number of new challenges to complete. For example, there is a task that requires players to throw a fish back into the water in Fortnite as well as another that focuses on catching different weapons, and they can be completed in tandem quite well. 

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