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How to Find (and Defeat) Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy Elden Ring

How to find Rykard in elden ring - The God-Devouring Serpent boss, Rykard, is an optional boss that you can find in Elden Ring. You can find this boss below Volcano Manor and he has two phases, which you need to be careful of before the fight. You can defeat this boss in two main ways, one of which involves completing a quest given by the headmistress of Volcano Manor, Tanith.

To get to Volcano Manor in Elden Ring, you need to head up Mt. Glemir on Altus Plateau. You can climb the dangerous mountain or complete one of Rya's requests in Liurnia. Upon arriving at the mansion, you can talk to Tanith, who will be in the mansion's Grace Site. This will start a series of contracts, which you must complete first. Once all contracts are completed, Tanith will give you access to Rykard's lair.

How to locate Rykard in Elden Ring

How to Find (and Defeat) Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy Elden Ring

The other way to access Rykard's lair in Elden Ring is to enter the room on the right in the side hallway of the mansion. You can use the key that Tanith gave you earlier. Upon entering the room, you will notice an Illusory Wall, which hides a passage leading to the interior exterior of the Mansion. Following the main path should take you to the Temple of Eiglay, where you will face a Godskin Noble mini-boss. This temple is located in front of the southeast of the Prison Town church.


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After defeating the noble, exit the second floor and cross the magma river to reach a portal at the back of the mansion, which teleports you to the Audience Pathway, the rest area just before reaching Rykard in Elden Ring. You can reach the portal by running across the river of lava while swallowing HP Flasks or take the heavily guarded route across the overpass.


How to beat Rykard in Elden Ring

How to Find (and Defeat) Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy Elden Ring

Once you get to Rykard's fight, he will be asleep in the center of the room. Along the way, you'll see a lootable Great Spear held by a corpse. Pick up the “Snake Hunter” spear, as it can be used against the God-Eater Serpent. This spear also has several special attacks that are very effective against Rykard.

Additionally, Serpent-Hunter has no stat requirements, meaning any build can use the Great Spear to defeat the boss. However, some players, such as spellcasters, may not realize this when they enter combat.

Equip the Serpent-Hunter and continuously use the amazing ability to stab the giant snake. Make sure to time your attacks correctly to not allow Rykard the chance to retaliate. When you fight the Lord of Blasphemy with an ally wielding the Serpent Hunter, the Elden Ring boss fight becomes even easier. Once the second phase begins, continue the attack exactly as before to defeat Rykard.

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This fight previously had a rare bug that prevented Rykard from dying after reaching 0% health.

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