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Where to find Zweihander Elden Ring? Read here

Where to get zweihander elden ring - The two-handed swords perform very well in Elden Ring, and you will surely want them if you are proficient with them in the other FromSoftware games. This is by far your best option to use a colossal sword quickly during your adventures in the Underworld, since it is very easy to obtain, inexpensive, with low requirements, with 19 strength and 11 dexterity to be wielded with one hand, and formidable techniques, all in one. Finding the mythical Zweihander is quite an emotional fantasy.

Where to find Zweihander Elden Ring? Read here

We love it so much that it has accompanied us throughout the adventure, and we killed the last boss with this completely improved greatsword. Needless to say, it's a safe bet.

Where to find Zweihander Elden Ring? Read here

Where to get the Zweihander elden ring 

In theory, you can get this weapon just a few minutes into the game if you are efficient, but wait until you have your mount and 3500 Runes in stock. Upon exiting the tutorial, travel south to reach Peninsula del Llanto (refer to our maps as necessary).


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You need to go to the southwestern part of the area, to the Ascetic Trader's Hut. At this price, it's an excellent deal. He is probably one of the best merchants in the game, as he has other highly desirable goods. You should come back later with more runes to buy his Stone Blade Keys, his Lantern (which saves you from having to hold a torch), and later still, the Sacrificial Branches, which will help you avoid losing a lot of runes when die in an isolated corner.

Where to find Zweihander Elden Ring? Read here

Wield a two-handed weapon

Let's take this opportunity to explain again a fundamental point of the gameplay, since this weapon is made to be wielded preferably with two hands, and it is not very intuitive, since it has been modified compared to Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and other FromSoftware games .

Now, if you want to wield a two-handed weapon, pressing Y/Triangle is no longer enough. You have to press Y + RB or Triangle + R1 for the weapon in the right hand. Either Y + LB or Triangle + L1 for the secondary weapon, depending on the type of pad used.

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Note in passing that this also allows you to change the weapon used on horseback, if you prefer to cast spells, for example.

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