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Release date of GTA VI: Rumors and expectations

Rockstar games gta 6 release date - The months go by and we are all still waiting for Rockstar Games to paralyze the world at any moment with a tweet related to the first trailer for GTA VI, which luckily we know is real and we have even already been able to see a large number of images of it. 

The game itself in its alpha version thanks to the massive leak caused by a hacker who shared up to 90 GTA VI gameplays full of information with the world, such as that there will be two protagonists named Jason and Lucia, while the main setting will be a Vice City modern.

Release date of GTA VI: Rumors and expectations

Although, in all these months after the largest leak in video game history, more details have continued to leak, many of them offered by alleged former Rockstar Games developers, according to their LinkedIn profiles. But it is true that none of these former employees have dared to reveal a release date for GTA VI, so now we are going to leave you with the rumors that exist so far and the expectations.

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On the one hand, we have information from Take-Two Interactive itself, that thanks to its latest earnings report, we learned that the development of GTA VI is very advanced, which would give us more than enough clues so that this year the game will be revealed.

long-awaited first trailer that according to rumors would be shown to the world at the end of 2023. But speaking of the release date of GTA VI, the American company is prepared to grow the company to great levels in the fiscal year of 2024, which runs from the April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025.

Release date of GTA VI: Rumors and expectations

Without a doubt, when we refer to a robust release, we can only think of GTA VI, without obviously missing the rest of the companies and future titles that Take-Two Interactive has, but only Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto are capable of making history through levels never seen before. So the release date of GTA VI could occur during this period, more specifically at the end of 2024, according to the latest leaks.


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So expectations are high, and the desire to see the first trailer is more than real. We really want to see what Rockstar Games is preparing for us

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