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How to Get your trusty steed Diablo 4 Mount

How to get your mount in Diablo 4 -  One of the great new features in Diablo 4 that move the series forward is the ability to have mounts. In Diablo 4, the mount will be our faithful companion in endless adventures and luckily it is not difficult to obtain, maintain or use.

How to Get your trusty steed Diablo 4 Mount

How to get your mount in Diablo 4

Progress towards mounting and unlocking this feature is completely linear. We will simply have to advance in the campaign until completing Donan's mission of "A Master Touch". As soon as we release the pertinent information for the plot, instead of prompting us to continue with the story, a new secondary mission will automatically appear that will be followed instantly, "Mount: Donan's Favor".

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To complete it we will simply have to go down to the Kyovashad stables and talk to the manager. He will give us our first mount for free and the tutorial on how to use them will open. In the stables we can also change the appearance of our mount to one of the various skins that can be obtained in the game.

How to Get your trusty steed Diablo 4 Mount

Mount skills

Mounts are summoned and unsummoned with the “Z” key, with a cooldown of several seconds whenever we dismount. Luckily there's nothing you need to do to care for the mount, while Diablo 4 is forgiving and doesn't ask you to manually move the mount anywhere: it's just another simple spell that you can cast at any time.

However, the Diablo 4 mount (funk monster name! Diablofour mount) has a couple of abilities to be aware of. If we press the Space key we will make the mount gallop, making it go through enemies (But not summoned walls or barricades!), this charge will have several… Accumulated charges.

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How to Get your trusty steed Diablo 4 Mount

In addition, we will have a couple of offensive abilities that will allow us to dismount with style and doing massive damage in the process. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that there is a level of panic for the mount. If this exceeds 100%, the mount will leave us lying at ground level. The only way to raise and lower the panic level is by moving closer to or further away from groups of enemies, respectively.

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