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How to get Cold Comfort God Roll and Cold Comfort rocket launcher Destiny 2

How to get Cold Comfort God Roll and Cold Comfort rocket launcher - A new Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2 is causing a stir within the community due to a unique combination of synergistic perks that it can work with. Tea Legendary Cold Comfort Rocket Launcher can get up to four rockets in the magazine, making the potential damage during a DPS phase virtually untouchable by any other Rocket Launcher.

How to get the Cold Comfort rocket launcher

To get the Cold Comfort Rocket Launcher, you'll need to throw yourself at the ghosts of the deep dungeon and at the mercy of the loot gods. Cold Comfort can drop as loot from all three encounters, which is great news if you're looking to farm a God Roll. When you have the ability to farm the dungeon, I would recommend farming the second encounter as it works as the fastest overall once you get the hang of the mechanics and timing of it all.

What is the Cold Comfort God Roll?

How to get Cold Comfort God Roll and Cold Comfort rocket launcher Destiny 2

Interestingly, most of the perks here are pretty much locked in, but that fourth column offers a few potential options, depending on what you want.

  • Barrel – fast food
  • Magazine – Impact Casing/High Velocity Rounds (Users Choice)
  • Perks 1 – Jealous Killer
  • Perks 2 – Explosive Light, Bait and Switch
  • Trait of Origin – Ritual of Restoration


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The reason Cold Comfort is so good is because of the way Envious Assassin and the Restoration Ritual Trait work together. Envious Killer will overflow your magazine when you switch to weapon based on the number of kills you got in the previous 10 seconds with your other weapons. 


Kill him and you can switch to a Cold Comfort with three rockets waiting in the charger. When you do that, you can simply put the gun away and you'll have three rockets there when you need them. You won't lose them if you wait a while to shoot.

Restoration Ritual means that if you revive an ally or use a finisher, your Rocket Launcher will prepare an emergency reload. So when you do that, fire all three rounds, it will automatically reload one more into the weapon for you, allowing you to fire four in total with no reload animation.

For the fourth column, you have a choice based on what you prefer. Explosive Light will give you 25% bonus damage for picking up an Orb of Power, and you can stack up to six instances of Explosive Light. It's easy to set up and take advantage of, even if you're busy with other mechanics in a raid, since you can fix everything before the damage phase. Again, those stacks won't disappear until you use them or die.

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Bait and Switch grants a potential 35% bonus damage for 10 seconds, but you must deal damage with all three weapons you carry within three seconds of each other. The other 10% damage isn't worth it to me. I personally got the one pictured above and find it extremely powerful in difficult group activities.

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