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Circle of Bones Destiny 2, How to find the Circle of Bones Destiny 2

Where is the circle of bones destiny 2 - In Destiny 2, the Circle of Bones is essentially a room deep within Hellmouth on the Moon where players must locate and access collectibles. There are two distinct quest steps that will eventually lead players to the Circle of Bones, though they are not required to go there if they choose not to. 


Both of these quest steps have something to do with Destiny 2's legendary submachine gun, known as Every Waking Moment, with one of them tying back to the Deathbringer exotic quest. Unfortunately, this area is not very popular in the game as it doesn't offer much for the player to do.

Circle of Bones Destiny 2, How to find the Circle of Bones Destiny 2

The location of the Circle of Bones is deep within the Withered Feathers. After being vacated, the Every Waking Moment SMG found on Destiny 2's Withered Plumes is becoming more and more relevant. This brings the entire Withered Plumes area back into play. The Essence of Darkness informs the player that this collectible is somewhere in the Circle of Bones, but that's the only information it provides about its location in Destiny 2. So, this is where players can find the Circle of Bones in this game.

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Circle of Bones location in Destiny 2

Circle of Bones Destiny 2, How to find the Circle of Bones Destiny 2

​​​​​​​Players must first land at the Sanctuary on the Moon in order to travel there. Two separate routes lead to Hellmouth from the Sanctuary: cross Archer's Line and turn right or go to Sorrow's Harbor and turn left from there. The Hellmouth Building is impossible to miss. There are two different entrances on each side of this huge stone arch. Players can gain access to Withered Plumes from one of the ledges to their left. It's also worth noting that the Deathbringer Exotic quest line also starts from this location.

There are a couple of mini-bosses in the area, but their spawn is random and unpredictable. Also, because this location does not use instances, a player will most likely not find a miniboss here. It is likely that another player has already defeated them or has not yet appeared after their previous battle. 

However, the quest items that players have been looking for will be waiting for them once they reach this location. This previously irrelevant region is now important, and players can use what it offers to customize their Destiny 2 gameplay to their liking.

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