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Jetpack in fortnite, Where to find jetpacks in Fortnite

Where to get jetpack fortnite - Looking for Fortnite jetpacks? As part of the new update, Fortnite has added jetpacks and egg launchers to the Battle Royale game, along with bouncy eggs and more omni chip locations to customize your omni sword.

Jetpacks have been phased out in Fortnite, so you can once again take to the skies and take out other players from the comfort of the clouds. While finding and using jetpacks doesn't provide Battle Pass XP, using Fortnite's Jetpacks is part of this week's Season Challenges, where you'll need to travel in the air with a jetpack.

Jetpack in fortnite, Where to find jetpacks in Fortnite

So where can you find jetpacks in Fortnite? Jetpacks can only be found on the IO blimps that float above the Fortnite map. There are five airships, which you can land on from the battle bus or use an ascender to reach them. Here are the locations of all five jetpacks in Fortnite. It's worth noting that the locations of the IO blimps change from week to week. You can also buy a jetpack from various Fortnite NPCs using Fortnite gold.

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Fortnite Jetpack Locations

The Fortnite IO blimp locations are:

  • Rabbit crossroads
  • Leaning towers.
  • Condo canyon
  • Rocky reels
  • Command cavern

Now that you've found a jetpack in Fortnite, here are the best Fortnite skins you could acquire by earning XP this season. If you're looking for alternate modes of transportation, keep an eye out for Fortnite tanks and remember to use Fortnite's new tactical sprint to evade your fellow players.

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