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Cube queen Skin , How to get skin of the Queen of the cube and all its accessories?

Cube queen Skin Fortnite  -  The Queen of the Cube is one of the main antagonists of this last season of Fortnite.

A new character has arrived in Fortnite. It is about "The Queen of the Cube", who plays an important role in the most recent season 8 of chapter 2.

Being one of the main antagonists, The Queen of the Cube enters the battlefield to show us who she is boss. Best of all, she does not come only as a skin, because she has a series of accessories to unlock.

Cube queen Skin , How to get  skin of the Queen of the cube and all its accessories?

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The way to obtain it will be quite simple, especially if you are currently playing and have the Battle Pass. That is why Epic Games, creators of the game, launched a series of challenges that you must complete.

How To get the skin Queen of the Cube fortnite

The first step to be able to secure yourself with the Queen of the Cube skin will be to complete at least 8 challenges to obtain a large part of the content of this character.

If you are looking to get the suit first, you will have to survive 5 circles of the storm while having a parallel weapon equipped. By obtaining it, you not only have the default outfit, but you also get its variants.

On the other hand, you have different challenges that will allow you to unlock objects such as the GG Cube emoticon (eliminate a player using a parallel minigun), the “Queen's Court” loading screen (extort 2 opponents), the “Cubic Vortex” backpack ”(Uses a shadow fish or shadow stone for 3 seconds near another player). All challenges will be available until the end of the season.

Other challenges that you should take into account are:

  • Reality Render Pickaxe: Deal 150 damage to players using a parallel scythe
  • Real Face Graffiti - Complete a Contract from a Contract Board
  • Room Theme Anthem of the Queen: She gets 2 headshots with a parallel rifle
  • Hang Gliding Queen's Procession: She glides in the smoke plumes of Angry Accumulations

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