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Refer friend fortnite : How to sign up to refer a friend and unlock free rewards

Refer a friend fortnite -  Players can now participate in Fortnite's Refer-A-Friend program, and those who do will have a chance to win a variety of unique rewards. Perhaps the most exciting of those rewards is the rainbow racer fortnite or Rainbow Racer outfit, although fans will have to work hard before unlocking it. 

Refer friend fortnite : How to sign up to refer a friend and unlock free rewards

For those players who would like more information on how to sign up for the Refer-A-Friend program in Fortnite and how to earn the associated rewards, all the details can be found in this guide.

How to sign up to refer a friend in Fortnite

The first step in joining the program is to visit the Fortnite Refer a Friend website and log in with an Epic Games account. Once that's done, a Battle Royale fan can invite up to five friends to the show, and they'll get a reward as soon as their guests accept. In particular, invited friends cannot have played a main game mode, such as Solos, Duos, or Squads, for more than two hours in the last 30 days, and invitations must be sent by November 14 at 11:59 PM. ET.

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How to unlock Refer a Friend rewards in Fortnite

As noted above, Fortnite players will get a Refer-a-Friend reward as soon as their guests accept their invites, and it's the Gridlock loading screen. From there, fans have until January 10, 2022 to complete a series of challenges and win even more prizes. Here are details on those additional tasks and their associated rewards:

  • Play a game in Fortnite with a guest (Miridescent Weapon Wrap)
  • Place the top 10 three times with your guest (Flair Fare Glider)
  • Eliminate 10 opponents with your guest (driveshaft peak)
  • Get 60+ career levels on your own and wait for your guest to win 60+ career levels too (rainbow racer design)

While the first three challenges, which can be completed in duos, trios, and squads, should be fairly easy to tackle, the last one is a complicated endeavor. In fact, it's true that Invites and Guests can work on this task separately, but it requires quite a few levels to win. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for players to level up in Fortnite.

Mainly, those opportunities manifest as punch card search lines, and several are available at the time of this writing. Additionally, Fortnite's Fortnitemares 2021 event is currently underway and features various missions that award XP for fans to complete.

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