Foraged mushrooms fortnite, Madcap Mushroom Master Questline Challenge Guide

How to forage mushrooms fortnite - Good to see Madcap in Fortnite Season 8 finally. He has been stuck in files for a long time and his set has finally been decrypted.  While we wait for Madcap's skin to come out, we might as well complete his punch card quest lines.

Mushrooms in Fortnite have the amazing power to fill up your shields. So this line of search might help you understand the power of these mushrooms a little more than before.  With that said, here is our guide on where to find Madcap and how to complete his set of punch card challenges in Fortnite.

How To complete the Madcap Mushroom Master Questline challenges in Fortnite Season 8

Foraged mushrooms fortnite, Madcap Mushroom Master Questline Challenge Guide

Fortnite Madcap location

You will have to head to the Corny Complex to find Madcap in Fortnite Season 8. Once in Corny Complex, head east towards the river.  There is a barn right on the bank of the river. This is where you will find Madcap on the prowl. To get the quest lines from him, you will first have to talk to him.

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And once you've talked to him, you'll unlock his entire quest line, just like you would the other NPCs on the island.

Stage 1 - How to Destroy a farm tractor (12,000 XP)
This is a fairly simple challenge, compared to some other challenges offered by other NPCs in Fortnite.
In fact, you could complete this challenge right after interacting with Madcap. There is a tractor near your location.  Get close to the tractor and hit it with your pick until it breaks. But be careful. You really wouldn't want to be near the tractor when it explodes.

Stage 2 - How to Forage Mushrooms (14,000 XP)
When it comes to looking for mushrooms, the best place to look for them would be in and around the Sludgy Swamp and Weeping Woods.  They are not difficult to detect either. Green and blue don't mix, so spotting these blue mushrooms in the middle of green grass isn't that difficult.


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Stage 3: How to craft a weapon in fortnite(16,000 XP)
Weapon making becomes easier as the days go by. However, there are two ways you can craft a weapon.  The first is the usual way. You need to collect nuts and bolts from red toolboxes that are scattered around the island. These will allow you to craft normal weapons. On the other hand, you can enter the Sideways and defeat the monsters that are inside. They drop these cubes that allow you to upgrade Sideways weapons..

Stage 4 - How to Destroy Refrigerators (18,000 XP)

When it comes to finding refrigerators, you need to head to the residential areas of the map.
If you still don't get where you need to go, you need to head to the houses at Lazy Lake or at Pleasant Park. There are many houses here, and you will surely find at least one refrigerator in each house.  Destroy two refrigerators and you are done with this challenge.

Stage 5 - How to Consume apples and bananas (20,000 XP)

I'm not really sure what apples and bananas have to do with mushrooms, but hey. You will find them inside green boxes called noms.

Catty Corner is quite full of these green colored boxes, so Catty Corner is where you can complete this challenge. 

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