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The Batman who laughs comes to Fortnite with Fundación, a new ‘crossover’ comic

The batman who laughs fortnite - A few months ago, DC Comics and Epic Games presented Zero Point, a ‘crossover’ comic that united the Batman universe with that of the popular ‘battle royale’. Now comes its continuation in the form of Batman / Fortnite: Foundation, with which we can get the outfit of one of the batman's worst enemies: The Batman who laughs.

Who is The Batman Who Laughs?

This villain first appeared in the Dark Knights: Metal comic saga in 2017. He is Bruce Wayne's version of an alternate universe set in the dark multiverse. During a battle against the Joker, he was affected by a pure version of gas from him. This affected his mind and turned him into a terrifying combination of hero and villain.

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The Batman who laughs comes to Fortnite with Fundación, a new ‘crossover’ comic

During the Death Metal saga, he was able to obtain the powers of Doctor Manhattan, becoming a god, although he was eventually defeated by Wonder Woman.

How to get the Batman Who Laughs outfit in Fortnite?

All those who purchase a copy of Volume 1 of Batman / Fortnite: Foundation, which will go on sale on October 26, 2021, will find inside a code that they can redeem in-game for the ‘Dark Multiverse’ set. This bundle contains the Laughing Batman Outfit, Robin's Hanger Retro Backpack, and Dark Days Loading Screen.

If they can't get the comic, there is another way to get it.

The Laughing Batman Outfit with Robin's Hanger Retro Backpack will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop starting October 26, 2021 at 7:00 PM. (Colombia time). They will cost 1500 V Coins (V-Bucks). We can also find the pickaxe and glider from the Dark Multiverse set available.
The loading screen is exclusive to those who buy the comic.

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