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How To Unlock Costume 2 Street Fighter 6, Read here

How To Unlock Costume 2 Street Fighter 6 - Street Fighter 6 is finally here and it has met with great critical success as well as a very warm reception from fans of the series. While Street Fighter 5 eventually became a decent game, it didn't release with enough content for fans to be satisfied. 

Thankfully, Street Fighter 6 has launched full of exciting features and content that will keep players engaged and hopefully maintain a healthy community until the next game in the series arrives.

How To Unlock Costume 2 Street Fighter 6, Read here

One of the big draws for Street Fighter 6 is its large roster of characters. The game features 18 different fighters as well as four more DLC characters coming later with much of the roster made up of classic characters. street fighter faces. While the classic character designs are still cool, Street Fighter 6 gives its entire returning cast new and modern designs.

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If you are a fan of the classics. street fighter character designs, don't worry though, you can still get many of the original outfits for street fighter 6 legacy characters without needing to pay for microtransactions. Here is everything you need to know about how to unlock Outfit 2 for all characters.

How To Unlock Disguise 2 in Street Fighter 6


By default, all characters in Street Fighter 6 have a costume, but their alternate outfit can be easily purchased with Fighter Coins, the game's premium currency. If you're not interested in spending real money on the costumes, luckily they can be unlocked in-game for free.

To unlock the outfits, you will need to play the World Tour single player game mode. In it, your custom character will come face to face with the entire cast of the game and learn to fight like them. When you meet each character, you'll see that they each have a "Link Level" that increases by giving them gifts and completing quests.

To unlock each character's alternate costume, you'll need to raise their bond level to 100. While it might take some time, you'll be spending a lot of time doing quests for characters in singleplayer anyway, so as long as you're focused on getting through time with the characters you want alternate outfits for, you should have their costume in no time.

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If you're feeling impatient, you can pay for the alternate costumes with Fight Coins, however keep in mind that it will cost you 50 Fighter Coins. Fortunately, that's not too much for every costume, but keep in mind that you can't just buy 50 Battle Coins at once, you'll need to buy them in a bundle that costs $4.99 for the smallest batch of coins.

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