Ufos in fortnite, Where do you find ufos in fortnite

Where to find ufos in fortnite - Fortnite UFOs have returned, just in time for the Flying Object Weekend event. Flying saucers, which have been vaulted for some time, can now be found in the game again. If you're looking to turn your time in Fortnite into an alien adventure, great news! You can track all the UFOs on the Fortnite map right now.

Saucers are useful vehicles that you can hop on and move around the Fortnite world. If they're good enough for aliens, they're good enough for you. These flying ships allow you to attack opponents and hijack players and props from the map. They play similar to Choppas and can fire powerful balls of energy that can damage both enemies and vehicles, as well as knock them back.

Ufos in fortnite, Where do you find ufos in fortnite

UFOs and flying saucers have returned to Fortnite after being skipped for a while, and now you can find them scattered around the map.

Kidnapping people is quite fun as you can use the UFO to lock onto and pick up enemy players and then drop them. You won't deal any fall damage when doing this, but you can drop enemies on top of others to damage them. All of these abilities make finding Fortnite UFOs worthwhile, but first, you'll need to do a bit of exploring.

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If you want to locate a Fortnite saucer, you'll need to know the general areas to search. Find all the UFO locations in Fortnite below, and start your search, as this is a limited time event and the UFOs won't stay unsaved for long.

All Location UFO spawn in Fortnite

The Fortnite Flying Object Weekend event will take place throughout the weekend, from Friday, August 12 to Monday, August 15. That means there is only a short period of time to start looking for the UFOs to terrify your enemies with.

Finding Fortnite cymbals is not difficult as they are totally unmistakable. You just need to know a general location to search. Once you're there, just look for massive purple and steel gray vehicles. They are shaped like a disk (hence their nickname "saucer") with a ring of light in the center.

You can find Fortnite UFOs located in the following areas:

  • Northwest of Sleepy Sound
  • Lotus South of Logjam
  • Southeast of The Daily Bugle
  • Northeast of Greasy Grove
  • North of Chonker's Speedway
  • south of the jones

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Once you've found your UFO, you can start flying around the map and dealing pain to your opponents. A Victory Royale is in your sights. Don't let this UFO opportunity slip out of your hands!

As cool as UFOs are, this isn't the most exciting thing in the Fortnite universe right now. Get ready for an upcoming Fortnite Dragon Ball Z collaboration on August 16, 2022.

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