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Sith holocron in Fortnite, How to Locate Where the Sith Holocron is in the Rave Cave

Sith holocron in Fortnite - The fourth part of Fortnite's Vibin' Quests is now available, giving players the opportunity to earn some XP and learn more about the story of the season. While most of the steps in this fourth part are fairly simple to complete, there is one that may leave fans scratching their heads. Specifically, it's the step that focuses on locating where the Sith Holocron is in Fortnite's Rave Cave, and this guide is here to help players fix it.

Where the Sith holocron is located in the Rave cave fortnite

Sith holocron in Fortnite, How to Locate Where the Sith Holocron is in the Rave Cave

The first step in finding the Sith holocron is to head to Rave Cave, a named location in the northwestern quadrant of the map. For clarity, this is the location with the roller coaster that players can ride by jumping into one of Fortnite's Ballers, and the giant head of the hug team leader looming over it makes finding the area very difficult. easy. However, fans looking for the Sith Holocron won't be particularly interested in this roller coaster, as the item is located on the ground level.

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Specifically, Fortnite players should focus their attention on the platform that is surrounded by water on the north side of Team Leader Cuddle's head, and this location has been marked on the map below. Upon reaching this location, fans will see the “locate where the Sith Holocron in Rave Cave is located” task marked as complete, and they will now be faced with a new objective. That goal is to open shipping crates to find the Sith Holocron, and it's not too hard to solve.

In fact, players working on this follow-up step simply duck through the ajar shutter door at the position marked on the map provided. On the other hand, fans will find a series of shiny boxes and they must use their collection tools in Fortnite to break all these containers. This action will cause the Sith Holocron, which looks like a gold and red pyramid, to appear on top of one of the boxes, and players simply need to interact with it.

This marks the end of Vibin’ Quests Part 4, and players who complete it close to its release will have to wait for the next part to become available. Fortunately, there are a number of other activities for fans to occupy themselves with during that time. Among those activities are a new batch of weekly challenges and Fortnite's Indiana Jones missions, which players can take on for XP and cosmetic rewards.

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