How to take pizza slices from a pizza party item in Fortnite

Take pizza from a pizza party item - A new pizza party item has joined Fortnite and a new challenge is asking players to share a slice of pizza with friends. Fortnite continues to change the way it handles its seasonal challenges. With the inclusion of Battle Stars, players can choose which cosmetic item they want to unlock. 

How to take pizza slices from a pizza party item in Fortnite

To get more stars, players will need to level up, 5 Battle Stars are earned per level which can be placed in the Battle Pass. As Chapter 3 Season 1 brought back weekly challenges, a new set is available along with a new pizza slice item.

The pizza box item was added to the game as part of the January 25th Fortnite hotfix update. The hotfix is ​​normally where Epic Games feels the performance of new items with hardcore players. If it doesn't require any changes or nerfs, it will likely be added to the main game modes.

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It's important to mention that pizza party boxes are not yet available on competitive playlists. As they are tied to an upcoming challenge, they are likely to be added soon.

How to get pizza slices from pizza party item in Fortnite

The pizza box challenge in Fortnite requires players to take a single slice of the pizza party box. The pizza box item contains eight slices of Slurpshroom Pizza. If the player throws it on the ground, everyone in the group can get a slice. Eating them will restore the player's HP and shields at the same time until it reaches 100 HP and 50 shields. It is an item that will work well when playing Duos, Trios or Squads. Just get close enough and interact with him to complete the challenge.

Pizza boxes will appear in Loot Llames, Supply Drops, Chests, and even on the floor in Fortnite. Although, finding it via this method requires a bit of luck. Alternatively, the player can also go to Tilted Towers to find Tomatohead. He is found downtown and will sell the player a box of pizza for gold bars. This is the fastest way to complete the challenge without having to hunt the pizza box around the map.

It is even possible to give Klombo some slices of the pizza box and they will give players a weapon reward for their kindness. Completing these weekly challenges is the fastest way to level up Fortnite. While the challenge is not active in-game, it will be released as part of the week 8 challenges starting in early February. Completing all of them will unlock a significant portion of the Battle Pass rewards. The season is scheduled to end in March, leaving players around a month to complete it. 

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