Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer /legend/ || /legend/ How to get 50000 free Diamond Legend Mobile [VIRAL] /legend/ - Just recently admin got information that already found one of the climax generators can get free diamonds for legends mobile games unlimitedly. Feeling curious, the admin immediately searched for the information by browsing the internet using keywords starting from APKlake / legends /, mobile legends, / legend, apklake com legends, and finally the admin found the keyword the correct one is:

Of course, with the find generator is especially exciting information for mobile legend game users because later they will be able to get free and unlimite diamonds. As you know that only with the diamonds that we have, then later we will be able to get items or Premium skins that are in mobile legends for the purposes of fighting. The process is very simple, that is, you can simply exchange the diamonds that we have with the item or skin that you want.

If you are curious about how to use generator, then you must follow all the steps below: /legend/  || /legend/ How to get 50000 free Diamond Legend Mobile [VIRAL]

How to get 50000 Diamonds Mobile Legend for free with the generator

  1. Prepare your device, then open the browser and enter the site address
  2. Then input the number of diamonds & coins, for the number of diamonds that you can get starting from 5000 and the maximum up to 50000, while for the number of coins you can get starting from 10000 to a maximum of 100000
  3. Proxy Connection server settings (AES-256 Encryption), then you slide it to ON
  4. If you are sure of the number of diamonds & Coins, now you click the Generate button
  5. Then input the Username with your Mobile legend account user and you also specify the platform of the device that is being used, then click Start, wait for the loading process to take a few moments, then you click Verify
  6. Perform the verification process according to the instructions on the site, and follow all surveys to completion
  7. Now open a mobile legends account and you can see the number of diamonds & coins has increased according to the amount that was input
  8. Finished

That's a short review about How to get 50000 Diamonds Mobile Legend for free by using the generator, admin hoping you can get lucky in getting diamonds & Coins for free. If you have taken all the steps but still cannot get diamonds for free, you can try them in another way using a generator 4 

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