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Codashop FF || Here's how to top up Free Fire diamond 2019

Codashop FF || Top up diamond Free Fire - In a game making purchases in an application has become a common thing done by a player. Because if a player makes a purchase, the player will automatically get items that can be used in the game.

In this post the admin brings good news to the free fire battleground survival, which is that now players can top up from purchasing diamonds. If a player top-ups the purchase of this diamond, then the players will get various types of interesting items, with various types of diamonds being sold. But for a nominal number of voucher purchases that you can do is Rp. 20,000.

Codashop FF || Here's how to top up Free Fire diamond 2019

To be able to do top up free fire in Codashop the method is very easy, that is, you can just select the Google Play image, and later you will get several choices in the form of vouchers that you can buy. To better understand the details, see the steps below,

How to Top Up Free Fire on Codashop
  • Open the web site from the codashop, which is
  • Then select the google play icon image.
  • Later there will be a number of voucher options that are ready to be purchased, to make payment media, you can deduct credit, transfer, credit card or payment via Alfamart. For payments with this credit, there are a choice of several available providers such as Indosat and 3.
  • Enter some of the requested data yourself. Such as an e-mail address that functions to send voucher codes, transaction ID numbers, and various things related to payments made. * for the personal data needed, depending on what payment method you choose. If the process is through credit deduction, you must fill in the cellphone number. If through Alfamart, you must enter the transaction ID. If via transfer or credit you must enter the account number data. *
  • Follow all steps on the screen until the payment process is complete.
  • If the payment process is complete, then you will automatically get a voucher code that is sent via email that you have entered in the previous data.
  • After that you open the redeem menu on Google Play which is located in the menu in the upper left corner of the Google application -> Select the Redeem option.
  • You enter the voucher code into the Enter code column, yeah without spaces. Then you choose REDEEM.
  • If you have successfully topped up on the Google Play Store, then you can enter in free fire and make a diamond purchase.

That's the Top Way to purchase diamond Free Fire by using Codashop, Hopefully this information can help free fire players and can be the best solution for you.

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