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Rifle Free Fire Best 2019

Rifle Free Fire Best 2019 - The battle royale game is a game that requires players to continue to survive until the end of the game. Free Fire is one of the most battle royale games played by smartphone users. Unlike PUBG Mobile, this game is friendly for those who have an Android phone with low specifications.

If you want to get a good weapon, then you have to be able to boot faster than other players. Because for some players free fire the best loot place is the best location to get a good weapon. Because looking for a good weapon will be quite a difficult competition for the players.

Best Assault Rifle on Free Fire 2019
Rifle Free Fire Best 2019

In the free fire game there are many types of weapons that you can use in the battle area. One of the players' favorite weapons is the Assault Rifle. Because this gun can be used for close combat or long distance. The Assault Rifle can accommodate more ammunition, compared to other weapons.

Of the many types of Assault Rifle that can be used, here are the 5 best types of Free Fire Assault Rifle weapons that have considerable damage.

1. M60
The first best Assault Rifle is M60. One of the light machine gun weapons, complete with a large enough magazine and very large destructive power. This weapon is perfect for medium range combat. With a magazine that is large enough, you don't have to worry about running out of bullets.

2. AK
This assault weapon has quite a large firing and damage speed. Using a large bullet caliber, so it can be very fast to finish off other players' HP. It's just that this weapon has a fairly high recoil or vibration, so you have to use the foregrip to make the weapon to make it more stable and accurate.

Automatic sniper type rifle that has been equipped with 4x scope, to facilitate players in aiming at their targets. This weapon has very good power and range. Of course it is very deadly if used to spy on enemies from a considerable distance.

4. Groza
Many free fire players say that this weapon is one of the best weapons in the game. You can only get Groza in the water drop, because these weapons are rare weapons. This weapon has considerable damage, which makes it very fearful in the near and medium distance.

5. M14
Weapons that have strong power and high accuracy. And it is very suitable for use as a sniper weapon if equipped by a scoop. To maximize the capabilities of the weapon M14 can be added with an attachment that is right for the weapon.

That's the 5 best assault rifle Free Fire weapons that have considerable damage, and can be a choice for players to use on the battlefield. Choosing the right weapon is the beginning to win in playing Garena Free Fire. Because each weapon is designed with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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