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How to get master sword in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

How to get the master sword in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom - The iconic master sword returns to Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and while Link corruptly loses it early in the game, you can get it back in all its glory very soon; That's only if you know where to look.

Here's the Master Sword location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom detailed, but it's fair warning that it's a moving location so it can be very difficult to track down unless you're lucky.

However, there are three methods that make it much easier to find, so in addition to explaining how to get the Master Sword, we're also going to go over the best way to get the Master Sword and go over everything known about how to get the Master Sword. master works in TOTK.

How to get the master sword in Zelda?

The Master Sword is housed in the head of the Dragon of Light.  in Tears of the Kingdom. However, dragons never stay in one place and the Light Dragon in particular surrounds a huge area compared to others of its kind.

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Because of this, you can never be sure where the Master Sword is at any given time unless you have another way to track it.

We've only seen the Dragon of Light near Great Sky Island but apparently it's also been seen in the four corners of Hyrule, near the center of the Akkala, Necluda, Gerudo, and Hebra regions.

How to get master sword in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

When looking for the Light Dragon, look for a yellow and blue glow coming from the head of a dragon as this is the Master Sword and the color can help you determine if it is the correct dragon.

If you're close enough, a surer way to tell if it's the Dragon of Light is to use the camera Link gets from Camera Work in the Depths. The dragon's name will appear over the creature when using the camera.

When you're sure you've found the Dragon of Light, I recommend that you throw Link from the nearest Skyview tower to reach him and get to the Master Sword in his head.

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The ability obtained from the Temple of Wind is useful to help Link glide faster, if you are close to reaching the dragon. If there is no convenient Skyview Tower around, look for falling rocks that you can use ascend on to get to the sky.

Although you can go and find the Master Sword in the Light Dragon as soon as you know its location, keep in mind that you also need two full bars of energy to take the Master Sword from the Light Dragon's head.

Anything that temporarily increases stamina doesn't count, so that means you'll need to take on some Shrines first.

Alternatively, you can go to the emergency shelter in Looking Landing and interact with the dark statue to exchange Link's heart containers for more stamina.

You get 100 rupees for trading a heart and it costs 120 rupees to convert that heart into part of an energy bar, so it really only costs 20 rupees each time.

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