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How to Get Black and Gold Cores in Tower of Fantasy, Read here

How to Get Black and Gold Cores Tower of Fantasy - Gold Nuclei and Black Nuclei are the lifeblood of the gacha system in Tower of Fantasy, and you won't be able to get any of the Standard Banner characters without them.

Gold Cores are the more valuable of the two currencies, as you can guarantee yourself higher rarity Simulation Weapons and even the more valuable SSR variants if you spend enough Gold Cores. Black Cores are more common, and there is no mercy system that guarantees items of higher rarity, but you will have several times more chances of drawing.

How to Get Black and Gold Cores in Tower of Fantasy, Read here

This Tower of Fantasy guide walks you through how to get both Gold Cores and Black Cores, so you have the best chance of getting the good stuff.

Where to find gold cores Tower of Fantasy

How to Get Black and Gold Cores in Tower of Fantasy, Read here

There are several ways to get Gold Cores, and most of them don't require you to spend a penny.

  • Daily Quests: One daily quest per day awards a single Gold Core. None of these quests take more than a few minutes to complete, and are basically free loot.
  • Supply Pod II: These Golden Treasure Orbs are relatively rare, with just 44 on the entire Asperia map, but they do give one Core per pickup. They don't respawn though, so pick them up carefully.
  • Exploration Rewards: Gold Cores also exist in nature. If you see tiered diamonds on your map, head to the location and complete any minor activities there. There are 111 Gold Cores available as items in the world. You can also earn five of them at once by clearing enough of each zone on the map.
  • Story Rewards: The story in Tower of Fantasy isn't great quality, but there is plenty of it. Completing story missions will sometimes grant Nuceli Gold, so you'll want to do it however you can.
  • Clotho Supply Pod: Available from the rewards menu, the Clotho Supply Pod offers an ever-increasing discount for ten Gold Cores at a time. It initially sells for market price, but you can get 10 for as little as 300 Dark Crystals – or even for free if you want long enough.
  • Buy for 150 Dark Crystals: In the "HOT" section of the Shop page, you can spend 150 Dark Crystals for a single Gold Core. We recommend against doing this, and spend them on Red Cores for the event banner limited.


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Where to find Black Cores in Tower of Fantasy

How to Get Black and Gold Cores in Tower of Fantasy, Read here

There are nearly 800 Black Cores in Asperia, which is good because each roll of Ida's Prosperity banner (the one using Black Cores) has no guarantees of any good items. There is no bad luck protection, no mercy, just RNG. Find Black Cores in:

  • World Exploration: There are 556 Black Cores waiting in the overworld entangled in dandelions, mud and tar, and other easily accessible places.
  • Supply Pod I: The remaining Black Cores are in Supply Pod I, of which there are 238 in total. Many are in fortresses, but others are wrapped in lianas or out in the open.
  • Support Shop: If you are used to helping newcomers to Tower of Fantasy, you can earn Support Points, which you can spend up to 10 Black Cores per week.

Those are all the sources of Gold and Black Cores in Tower of Fantasy. They're a limited resource, especially after you've put a couple of dozen hours into the game, so use them sparingly when you start to run low on them.

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