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How to get Runes Fast in Elden Ring ||How to dupe runes in elden ring

Runes Fast Elden Ring -  Now that you are in the middle of the adventure of Elden Ring, the new from From Software and Bandai Namco, you really know what the hell is to die over and over again, but you also know the full satisfaction that you get from defeating a difficult enemy. The problem is that surely all those times that you have tapped, you have lost many runes, so here we are going to teach you how to get Elden Ring runes fast.

And it is that there comes a time in Elden Ring in which what players want is to level up to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. Some tremble when hearing the names of Margit, Godrick or Radahn, bosses that are real challenges during the game. For that, there are many areas where you can gain experience points in Elden Ring, such as the Giant Sleeping Dragon.

How to get Runes Fast in Elden Ring  ||How to dupe runes in elden ring

But as we have commented before, losing against these enemies means saying goodbye to a good amount of runes. Fortunately, there is a perfect place to farm Elden Ring runes that can get you to level 99 in just a few hours without much difficulty. An easy process, as long as you're willing to lose some of that difficulty that gives this game series its charm. If you are tired of dying more times than Kenny from South Park, we bring you the solution that will not make you immortal, but it will make everything much easier.

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Preparation for farming Elden Ring runes

Before you get down to work to get runes fast Elden Ring, the first thing is that you are at least at level 40. Don't worry, it is easily reached when you are approximately halfway through the game.

A trick to speed up the process is to get the golden scarab in Elden Ring, although this farm will still provide you with many runes even if you don't have it in your game.

This method is much easier for any character that casts spells, as well as any class with AOE (area attack) attacks. If you have a melee character, don't be discouraged, it will just take a little longer to get the results, but the rewards will be worth it.

And finally, to be able to access this area, you will have to beat Godrick the Grafted previously.

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How to get runes fast Elden Ring
We are going to tell you step by step everything you have to do to get Elden Ring runes fast:

  • Talk to the NPC you will find there. (Near the Academy of Raya Lucaria).
  • When I give you a choice between 2 dialogues, choose the upper one, questioning the Two Fingers.
  • You use bloody fingers to invade other players online 3 times. It doesn't matter if you lose or win.
  • Talk to the Church of the Rose NPC again to get the item Favor of the Lord of Blood.
  • Go to the Church of Inhibition (you have to be careful in this area).
  • Once you arrive, you will have to defeat the NPC that is facing you.
  • Interact with the maiden's corpse to bloody the Blood Lord's Favor item.
  • Go back to the Church of the Rose again and talk to the NPC. Accept his proposal to receive the bloody finger.
  • Speak to this character for the last time to get the Pureblood Knight's Medal.
  • Use this item to teleport. Immediately turn around, follow the path attached to the left wall, run through the river of blood and up the hill. You can ignore the enemies you come across. If you decide to fight and die, you can use the Medal again to return to the area.
  • Once you reach the end, use the Place of Grace, which will be right next to the farming area.

Once here, you can start getting Elden Ring runes fast. All the enemies in this area are very easy to kill and provide 2000 runes each. Every time you kill all the enemies you will receive 40,000-50,000 runes and it should only take a few minutes. When you've cleared the area, you just have to travel to the Place of Grace again and start over.

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How to get Runes Fast in Elden Ring  ||How to dupe runes in elden ring

You can eliminate these enemies, one by one. The only ones that might give you any trouble are the red creatures, as they can jump, grow giant red spikes, or ball up and charge at the player, but they're not really difficult. Also, if you die, when you return to the area you can pick up the runes you dropped, since enemies that are at rest will not move and red creatures take a moment to react.

In short, it is a method that to access it you have to carry out certain missions and meet some requirements previously, but once you have it, it is very easy to level up quickly. Don't worry, if you use this trick, we promise we won't tell your friends about it.


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