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Albinauric Rise Elden Ring, How to get into Albinauric Rise Elden Ring

Albinauric Rise Elden Ring - As players explore the snowfield enshrined in the Elden Ring, they may come across a tower known as the Albinauric Rise. As is the case with many of the game's towers, the entrance to this one is initially blocked by a seal that fans can break by solving a puzzle.

Albinauric Rise Elden Ring, How to get into Albinauric Rise Elden Ring

However, this puzzle is different from other Rises in that there is no text telling you what to do. Instead, there are two imp statues outside, a clue in itself. For those players who may be stumped by the Elden Ring Albinauric Rise puzzle, details on two possible solutions can be found in this guide.

Updated September 11, 2022 by Erik Petrovich – Found late in Elden Ring Albinauric Rise is a different Rise than others in the rest of the game. Although there are a handful of non-text-based puzzle uploads, this is the only one that has absolutely no clues, except for the presence of two imp statues.

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To learn how to enter Albinauric Rise, players must either summon a spirit or acquire a rare consumable item to use on one of these statues. The reward for reaching the top is truly great, one that nearly every endgame Sorcery build can take advantage of. It stacks with similar talismans, making it all the more necessary for spell casters to solve the puzzle in Albinauric Rise Elden Ring that players tend to struggle with.

Solution 1: Captured Imp Ashes

Albinauric Rise Elden Ring, How to get into Albinauric Rise Elden Ring
The first solution to the Albinauric Rise puzzle focuses on the ashes of the Fanged Imp. As the name suggests, these ashes summon two fanged imp spirits when used, and can be purchased for 2000 runes from the Secluded Merchant in Raya Lucaria's Academy. from Elden Ring. To get to this vendor, players need to head to the Main Academy Gate Grace Site in Raya Lucaria Academy, pass the seal to the east, and follow the path.

After obtaining the fanged imp ashes, the Elden Ring zealots must return to Albinauric Rise and summon the spirits. The summoned imps must then approach the hostile imps at the base of the tower to engage them in combat. Once they have engaged, players can join the fight, and the Albinauric Rise seal will open as soon as the enemies have been killed. It's also worth noting that Fanged Imp Ashes are one of the starting items players can pick at the start of Elden Ring.

Solution 2: Charming Branch consumable

Albinauric Rise Elden Ring, How to get into Albinauric Rise Elden Ring

Alternatively, players can use a Charming Branch on one of the hostile imps in Albinauric Rise to make it friendly, and can then have it fight the remaining enemies. In fact, this approach will also break the barrier, and there are a couple of ways to get a spell branch.

The first option is to buy one from the Nomadic Trader just north of the Bellum Church in Liurnia, and the other is to craft one after receiving the Fevor [3] Cookbook from Gideon at the Elden Ring Roundtable Hold.

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Reward for completing the Albinauric Rise puzzle

Albinauric Rise Elden Ring, How to get into Albinauric Rise Elden Ring

In a room at the very top of Albinauric Rise, the Graven-Mass talisman can be found in a small chest. This Elden Ring Talisman "greatly increases the power of spells", increasing the damage of those spells by 8%. There is a similar talisman that players can find earlier in the game in Raya Lucaria, but it only increases the strength of the spell by 4%.

Although it takes up two talisman slots, it is possible for magic users to equip the Graven-Mass Talisman alongside the Graven-School Talisman and have their effects stack. A 12% increase in Spells isn't much more than 8%, ultimately, but this neat little combination can mean the difference between a boss surviving with a little health or being defeated.

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