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Patrick mahomes fortnite, Become a quarterback with Patrick Mahomes Fortnite

Patrick mahomes fortnite - The Kansas City Chiefs player will make his arrival at the battle royale under the Idol Series category and will set the rules to reach the end zone.

Epic Games returns to make a collaboration with the American football environment. This time now it will not be suits that will come out in Fortnite, but a particular player: Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Through an official blog, the company announced that between Wednesday and Thursday of this week the player will arrive at the battle royale with their own Idol Series category cosmetics. He will also have an additional skin that takes him away from his typical sports protection and will take him more into his sauce.

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Patrick mahomes fortnite, Become a quarterback with Patrick Mahomes Fortnite

These will be the cosmetics that will arrive from Patrick Mahomes to Fortnite:

  • Patrick Mahome Outfit (includes Gladiator Mentality and Camp Titan styles)
  • Mahomes attire in his sauce
  • Champion's Shield Retro Backpack (Included with Patrick Mahomes Outfit)
  • Emergency Ketchup Retro Backpack (Included with Mahomes in His Sauce Outfit)
  • Pickaxe Saucy Axes
  • Seasoned Annotator Paper
  • Time to shine emote


There's also a chance to get the quarterback outfit (not its ketchup-adorned variant) for free. Play a total of ten games with your team in the Patrick Mahomes Cup, a Zero Build mode tournament taking place on August 23. If you get at least eight points you will secure the Secret Sauce emoticon

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Finally, we must remember that this is not the only time that Fortnite has collaborated with the NFL, but that it has already been a work of years. For November of each year, until 2020, outfits of teams from that league are released. 

Then in early 2021, around the time of the Super Bowl, they rejoin the store. The last set to come out was the Touchdown Crew, which included the very same Kansas City currently representing Patrick Mahomes.

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