Kale Elden Ring Quest: How the Cut Merchant Story Would Have Worked ( merchant kale quest )

Elden ring kale quest - The Ring of Elden Kalé quest is an intriguing piece of content cut from the hugely popular FromSoftware game. Kalé, a merchant that players come into contact with near the beginning of Ring of Elden, remains in the place where you find him throughout the game: the Church of Elleh in Limgrave. However, the content that dataminers have unearthed tells a very different story when it comes to the character, who had a very different backstory that was eventually cut from the retail version of Ring of Elden.

Kalé will usually stay in his place and sell his tarnished items, then eventually instruct him to search for Blaidd, the half-man, half-wolf seen in the Mistwood Ruins. As a guardian and companion to Ranni the Witch, Blaidd can also become a summon, if you play your cards right. Merchant Kalé will inform the Tarnished about him about the wolf howls that are heard in the forest and impart knowledge about the finger snap gesture, which must be used with Blaidd.

Kale Elden Ring Quest: How the Cut Merchant Story Would Have Worked ( merchant kale quest )

While Kalé's role is a bit broader than that of the other merchants in Ring of Elden, he is the only one who actually bears a name. That's part of what makes it unique, especially when you factor in the game's cut content that would have given it more time in the spotlight. In fact, his potential quest line would have given him a much bigger role in the game.

Interested in learning more about the Ring of Elden the trader Kalé and the cut content that might have been included in the game? Read on for details on how Kalé's story might have played out.

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Merchant kale quest in 'Elden Ring' sitting by the campfire. The character originally had a much longer quest line than currently exists and that was removed from the game.

Ring of Elden Kalé: what to know about the cut content

Data miner Sekiro Dubi originally discovered the truth behind Kalé's quest. Instead of leading the Tarnished to Blaidd, Kalé would have explained how the Midland merchants were actually part of a group called the Great Caravan.

Although they belonged to a team, the merchants were always seen as outsiders, a status made worse by the fact that the Great Caravan had all but disappeared. Kalé is determined to find out where the Caravan has gone, beginning a much larger story for the item's vendor.

Kalé would take the Tarnished on a tour of various areas, culminating in the Underground Rejected Grounds, which are located in Leyndell, Royal Capital (or Cinderella Capital). This is the same place where Dung Eater can be found, as part of a bonus quest. More importantly, this is where the Three Fingers, part of the Lord of the Frenzied Flame endgame, can be found near the Forsaken Cathedral.

This area is littered with corpses and a few remaining living souls. Normally, you would wonder what happened here, some kind of massacre? There is little context in the retail version of the game to help you come to a conclusion, or at least one with an answer that you can determine from the game's content.

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Most of the character models here are dressed as the merchants and Kalé himself. The cut content story collected by Sekiro Dubi allows Kalé to explain what happened here: the Great Caravan worshiped the Frenzied Flame, and the Golden Order executed them for doing so, along with the Three Fingers.

Kalé, as a result, isn't exactly thrilled since he lost all of his people. So he now he follows Frenzied Flame who seeks to bring chaos to the Midlands. You probably wouldn't be happy with the Golden Order destroying your people either. And that's the thing about Kalé's cut content, perhaps in another Ring of Elden installment or DLC, we'll learn even more.

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