ice cream cones in Fortnite, How to use ice cream cones in Fortnite Season 3

How to get ice cream in fortnite - After a long wait, Epic finally fixes Fortnite's most broken feature that sweats were tired of since the start of Chapter 3. Displaying sound effects was a feature that was recently nerfed in an update where players got to experience it. while they jumped. in a Battle Royale match.

Fortnite has had a history of broken features and glitches that have been put to good use by the gaming community in recent years. From XP Glitch Maps to meta weapons, players have been using these exploits to gain an advantage in the game which sometimes ends up getting them banned for their actions.

ice cream cones in Fortnite,  How to use ice cream cones in Fortnite Season 3

While some actions or exploits prohibit them, others are just bugs in the game that are a bug on the developer's end taking it casual enough to fix. One such exploit that was legit in-game was Display Sound Effects in Sound Settings.

When one enables the option, they can see visual cues of chests, gunshots, footsteps, pickups being reset, or even if someone is healing nearby. This then helps a player judge the direction in which the activity is occurring and respond to it.

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Since Chapter 3, this option was broken as players could hear the sound of gunshots, footsteps, or even healing from afar, which was a plus for various sweats who always love to rush their opponents and engage. in close combat. But in a recent update in Season 3, Epic finally decided to nerf him forever.

Epic nerfs visualize audio range as it is no longer broken

In last week's v21.10 update, Epic lowered the range of the Display Sound Effects option as it was one of the most broken features in the game. Players were not informed or aware of this big change taking place in Fortnite until they tried it out for themselves.

The update has corrected the distance and radius of the audio visual cues one gets when approaching chests, hearing footsteps, or gunshots. After the update, players will only be able to see visual cues if they have approx. 100m close to objects or your opponents, which is a huge relief for casual gamers or campers.

While casual gamers or newbies enjoy this news, sweats are surely not happy and so are gamers who basically need these in-game headset options to help guide their gameplay. Also, this major change from Epic to one of Fortnite's oldest settings was not announced in any of the patch notes or on their official Twitter account, which they should have, according to the player base.

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However, players think that this fix could be a random update, as Visual Audio has always been tricky in the game ever since it was added. From restart vans beeping from miles away to footsteps being heard from a long distance, Epic still needs to do some work to fix those audio issues.

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