How to get mancake fall guys, how to get mancake skin in fortnite

How to unlock Major Mancake skin in Fortnite - Do you want to know how to get the Fortnite Major Mancake skin? The cowboy version of this character has been in the Battle Royale game as an NPC for quite some time, and now you can get this absolutely stacked skin for free for a limited time.

However, you will have to jump through a few hoops to get the Fortnite Major Mancake skin. You can unlock him and a handful of cosmetic items in Fortnite by completing challenges in Fall Guys, which recently became free to play on the Epic Games Store. For the uninitiated, it's a very different take on the battle royale genre. Instead of shooting each other with guns on a giant map, this is essentially an elimination-based game show like Wipeout, where each round presents players with tense platforming challenges. If you don't manage to finish the course or you are in the last classified team, you are out.

How to get mancake fall guys, how to get mancake skin in fortnite

To encourage players to migrate Fall Guys progress to the Epic Games Store version, you can complete the Crown Clash challenges to get the Major Mancake skin in Fortnite. Unfortunately, these challenges are only available until July 11, and you also have to open Fortnite once you complete the challenges within this time frame to get the skin, so you better be quick.

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How to get Major Mancake skin Fortnite 

Progress towards Crown Clash challenges in Fall Guys counts towards unlocking the Fortnite Major Mancake skin. Fortunately, these challenges should be relatively easy, as you just need to play rounds instead of winning them.

Here are all of the Fall Guys challenges you need to complete to get the Fortnite Major Mancake skin:

  • Play 10 rounds in any show
  • Play 20 rounds in any show
  • Play 40 rounds in any show
  • Play 70 rounds in any show
  • Play 100 rounds in any show

Each Fall Guys show has at least five rounds, so you need to play a minimum of 20 solo shows and make it to the final round to complete the challenges. Realistically though, unless you're the undisputed world bean champion, it's going to take a few more shows to get to 100 rounds.

Fall Guys Steam Cross Progression

If you already own Fall Guys on Steam but want the Fortnite Major Mancake skin, we recommend migrating your Fall Guys progress to the Epic Games Store version. To do this, you will first need to link your Epic Games Store account to your Steam account:

  • In the Epic Games Store app, click your username in the top right corner.
  • Click Account to open a new window in your web browser.
  • Click Connections in the list to the left of the website.
  • Click Connect under the Steam section, then confirm by clicking Link Account.
  • A popup will appear for you to sign in to your Steam account.
  • It will ask you to authorize the account link, so go ahead and confirm the prompt.
  • The popup should close automatically and the Connections page will refresh to show the new connection.

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You can then open Fall Guys to see the account linking change, but we recommend uninstalling the Steam version from your computer first. This is because there might be some conflicting files that can make the game unplayable. Once you have uninstalled the Steam version, download a fresh copy from the Epic Game Store and open it. You should see a message when opening Fall Guys for the first time showing that the accounts are linked.

And this is how you can unlock Major Mancake in Fortnite through Fall Guys. There are plenty of other Fortnite skins and cosmetic items available to unlock in Fortnite by earning experience for completing missions, whether it's finding the Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher location or killing Darth Vader. Also, some Fortnite Nindo challenges are available for a limited time and give you free Naruto-themed items.

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