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Caafree. com - Fortnite is a very popular and widely played online game. When playing fortnite, players cannot be separated from what is called vbucks. because vbucks is a digital currency used in the game. With vbucks, players will be able to have premium items or skins when playing

In addition to getting vbucks by buying it at a store that has collaborated with developers, now news is circulating that says that vbcuks can be obtained for free by using a webiste service called

In a short time Caafree was immediately sought after by fortnite players who wanted to get vbuck without having to buy it. However, you should not immediately believe this information because is a generator, and what is produced from a generator is strictly prohibited by the developer.

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But if you want to try then it is recommended to create a new account as a trial material, after that you can try the latest account to get free vbucks by using Caafree com and How to Get free vbucks fortnite via caafree .com Review caafree Get Vbucks fortnite from caafree .com

  • First you have to open one of the browser applications available on your device.
  • Then visit the site:
  • On the main page of the site, tap the Generate Now button.
  • Next, press the Claim This! then a choice of the number of Vbucks will appear.
  • Choose how many Vbucks you want to earn.
  • Next you are asked to select the device to use.
  • Enter the Fortnite account username.
  • Finally, do human verification by completing the survey displayed by the Caafree com


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That's how to use Caafree com, hopefully you are one of the lucky players to get free vbucks fortnite without any violation from the developer and you can use vbucks from safely.

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