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How to Give Crystal to Farm Dragon in Rune factory 5

Rune factory 5 how to give crystal to dragon -  While playing Rune Factory 5 you can give a crystal to your farm dragon to speed up the growth of your crops, increase your harvest or achieve other effects. The word farm is not usually accompanied by dragons, but in this game it is. The purpose of a farm dragon is to allow you to farm with them.

One of the main reasons you need them is because they have a much larger space for you to grow compared to the SEED property. That's where these crystals come in, each one serves a different purpose but the end goal is the same, to help you in farming. So in this guide we are going to take a look at how to give a crystal to a Farm Dragon in RF5.

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How to give a crystal to a dragon in Rune Factory 5

How to Give Crystal to Farm Dragon in Rune factory 5

You can give a crystal to a Farm Dragon in RF5 by getting close to its head and then selecting the crystal from the menu. Here are the steps how you can do it.

  • Approach the Farm Dragon you want to give the crystal to.
  • Interact with his head.
  • This will bring up the menu that allows you to select crystals.
  • From here choose the crystal and give it to the Dragon.

It is important to know that you have to give the dragon a Crystal and not Crystal Shards. Both are easy to confuse, but if you have the Shards then you'll need to get them swapped for the crystal. You can do it by visiting Heinz.

Rune Factory 5 Crystal List

  • Ventus Crystal: Use it to increase the number of crops you harvest.
  • Terra Crystal: Use it to get more surface to plant crops.
  • Ignis Crystal: Use it to speed up the growth process of crops.
  • Glacies Crystal: Use this crystal to make it rain on the dragon farm for a few days.
  • Gaia Crystal: Use to increase damage resistance and increase ground health.

These are the different crystals you can give your Farm Dragon in RF5. Depending on the fragments you have or the condition you want for your dragon, you can select which crystal to give it.

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