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How to Get the Blizzabelle Skin fortnite on Console (PS4 / 5, Xbox) - Geforce Now

Fortnite blizzabelle skin link -  The Fortnite Winterfest Christmas event is underway. It is day five of the event and the players have been able to open a new gift from the cozy hostel. Each gift has different cosmetics including skins, wraps, gliders, pickaxes, loading screens, smilies, and smileys.

Along with the free skins from the gifts, PC gamers have been able to get the Blizzabelle skin for free. You have until January 6 to redeem the skin. It is fairly easy to redeem on PC and players need to open the Epic Games launcher and find Blizzabelle in the item store.

Console gamers have been asking how to get Blizzabelle on console and there are a few methods that gamers have tried that seem to work. These are the two methods that we are familiar with so far.

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Blizzabelle Fortnite link

There has been a Blizzabelle Fortnite link circulating on Twitter. Console players can use this link to log into their Epic Games account and get the Fortnite Blizzabelle skin. Unfortunately this link no longer works even if you follow all the steps.

How to get Blizzabelle on console - Geforce Now

There is a second method on how to get Blizzabelle on console, including Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. This method only works for those with an Android device.

You need to download Nvidia GeForce Now from the Google Play store and connect your Epic Games account. 

How to Get the Blizzabelle Skin fortnite on Console (PS4 / 5, Xbox) - Geforce Now

Open Fortnite in GeForce Now and head over to the Item Shop. You should see Blizzabelle's skin. Once you get it, you will have it on the console platform that is linked to your Epic Games account.

Unfortunately this does not work on Apple devices, including the iPhone, and it is highly unlikely that there is a method that will work for Apple users. 

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