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Kakashi Fortnite : How To complete missions Kakashi Fortnite

Fortnite Kakashi missions are part of the Fortnite NPC missions that are a staple for most seasons. After Naruto's skins arrived in the game, Kakashi arrived as an NPC on the battlefield. Players will now be able to find Kakashi in-game and complete missions for him. They are a series of challenges with a limited time, so players should undertake these missions as soon as they are in the game.

Kakashi Fortnite : How To complete missions Kakashi Fortnite

The new missions will also allow players to earn a large amount of XP. The article talks about the Fortnite Kakashi missions, where players can find him, and how players must complete these missions.

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Fortnite Kakashi missions

Kakashi Hatake is an epic outfit in Fortnite that was first released in Chapter 2: Season 8 and is part of the Naruto Set. Players will have to talk to Kakashi if they want to unlock and complete these missions and earn all the XP that comes with them. Players can choose to obtain items from him or complete missions. Here are the four options:

  • Complete a mission for 2K experience points.
  • Buy a Hunter Cloak for 400 Gold
  • Buy 3 × Paper Bomb Kunai for 150 gold
  • Activate a prop costume for 75 gold

Players must locate Kakashi on the Fortnite map before they can complete the challenges. Kakashi can be found on the hill west of Lazy Lake. He is directly north of the small island in the center of the royal lake.

Once players get close to Kakashi, they will be able to see the NPC's text bubble icon appear on their minimap once they get close enough to him. This bubble will indicate where it is even if players are further away, allowing them to locate it quickly.

Kakashi joined Fortnite as the newest NPC, with missions to complete and a location to discover. He has his own set of missions and offers players up to five different challenges that reward XP and other items. Players can only take on one NPC's quest line at a time. Here are Kakashi's five missions:

  • Explore a UFO crash site / UFO crash in fortnite
  • Hit players with a Paper Bomb Kunai three times.
  • Build a structure after taking damage.
  • Set or destroy a trap
  • Tame a wild life with the hunter cape

Each character has a total of five missions with 30,000 XP awarded per completed mission.

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