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Caretaker fortnite: Where to find caretaker footprints in Fortnite

Caretaker fortnite -  The caretaker is a new monster boss who joined the Fortnite island after update 18.21. With that said, there is an interesting little quest that is associated with this monster boss.

As part of the Ariana Grande quest line challenges, you must follow in the footsteps of this caretaker.

Caretaker fortnite: Where to find caretaker footprints in Fortnite

Although these footprints are not that difficult to detect on the ground, it is necessary to know where to look for them. So here is our guide on where to find Caretaker's footprints in Fortnite.

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Caregiver footprint locations

As seen from the map shown below, Caretaker's footprints can be found at almost every major Fortnite point of interest. These footprints stand out on the ground and glow a strange purple color.

Note that the markers on the map are an approximate position. However, if you land on the markers, you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding these footprints because they are easy to spot on the ground.
When it comes to completing this particular quest line challenge, it is recommended that you visit two nearby locations so that you can complete this challenge in one match.

I recommend that you visit the impression at Believer Beach and then switch to the one at Bony Burbs. Both footprints are located near the gas pumps, so you shouldn't have much difficulty locating them. Have fun and be careful with that caretaker. 

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