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How to Sit out in Fortnite: Tips and Tricks

How to sit out on fortnite - It is a feature that allows us to get away or rest, then we can return without becoming a nuisance for the leader of a game, so having so many possibilities in this game we can add to this knowing how to sit down and in the following content we will see the details .
How To Sit Out in Fortnite?

In waiting situations in the lobby we can sit down, considering some patience if necessary, which takes us to the social menu in Fortnite where it is required to choose the social icon that is in the upper left corner of the lobby screen.

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How to Sit out in Fortnite: Tips and Tricks

Here in this menu we have to choose the icon of the cogwheel that presents our username or avatar, which presents a series of options, then we have to about How to sit down, choosing said option outside the game is ideal for rest, then we must do the same to return, we will change our state of participation to playing, while we are out everything seems to indicate that we completely left the game, but we can return normally.

Knowing how to sit can be very useful, we can even separate ourselves from our friends if they need to do it to complete a mission in Fortnite, there are many that become interestingly crazy, but fun, being ideal that we participate in the secondary missions, certainly there are still Much content to enjoy starting this season, it is very entertaining to play with friends and using this sitting feature is of great benefit for the sessions that we get to have long duration that seem to get our best effort.

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