How to know who is a crew member and who is an imposter

How to know who is a crew member and who is an imposter - The crew is ready and it is time to be silent to repair the ship or sabotage the tasks of others. And it is that Among Us has quickly become one of the most popular games of this year, with a million and a half simultaneous players, only League of Legends surpasses it in numbers.

It is taking the app stores by storm. It succeeds in broadcasting on the well-known streaming platform Twitch. And it is also one of the best sellers through the Steam service.

The objective of the game is to discover the traitor of a crew in a spaceship. A group consisting of a maximum of ten users must work collaboratively. The role is random, so you can be one more within the team or the impostor, and in this case, to win you must kill the crew without being discovered in the voting.

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How to know who is a crew member and who is an imposter


Finding out the impostor before he kills you or sabotages everything so that no one is left in the crew can be a difficult task, as accusing someone without evidence could make the rest of the crew distrust you and expel you.

To achieve this you must use different logics, analyze the movements of the other participants and all this, while continuing to perform the tasks assigned to you.

How To discover the impostor

To recognize it, you must think like an impostor, what would an impostor do to convince others that it is not him and continue killing the other crew members?

For example, it is very normal that in the games of Among Us on the Skeld map (the most played), there are several players who leave the central room through the lower door to go to the administration (admin) to do tasks such as fixing the cables or swipe the card. And this is where we can easily catch any impostor.

This room includes a terminal in which to perform some data download and upload tasks. However, the administration room terminal is exclusively for uploading data, so it is inaccessible to perform the task until we have previously downloaded the data in other places on the map.

In this way, if as soon as the game starts we access admin and we see someone in front of the data upload terminal waiting as if they were performing the task, it is certain that he is lying. In this way, this player is probably the impostor who seeks to be left alone with one of the other players to end his life. On the other hand, if you are the impostors, you already know what task not to pretend that you are doing in the first place.

Where to play Among Us?

The video game is adapted for the computer as on your iOS or Android cell phone, and currently it already has more servers so that many more people can play.

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