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Fortnite Squid Game code, how to play it in Creative Mode

Fortnite squad game map code -  The hit Netflix series comes to a video game from Epic Games and can now be simulated on creative mode maps created by the community. All the details.

Fortnite Squid Game code, how to play it in Creative Mode

In just a few days, The Squid Game became the most watched series on Netflix, so their collaborations were not long in coming. Although at the moment it is unofficially, it is already possible to play it on a Fortnite Creative Mode map. Next, we will tell you what the access code is.

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How to play The Squid Game in Fortnite

To simulate the different games that take place in the Netflix series, we will have to enter the PWR Squad Game map of Fortnite's Creative Mode. The access code is 8443-5747-3271, which we must place in the "Island Code" tab.

Up to 30 users can play on this map at the same time. It is advisable to participate with a fairly large squad since if we intend to pass all the tests, we will have to survive each one of them. The game will end when only one player is alive.

Fortnite x The Squid Game: these are the games available

  • Red Light, Green Light: we must advance to the goal, but we can only move when the green light is on. When the red light is on, we must be still.
  • The Cookie Game: we must shoot with the Kymera Ray Gun at the targets and hit all of them without leaving the silhouette, and before time runs out.
  • Night Fight: we must eliminate other players and / or survive the fight in the bedrooms, using only the pickaxe.
  • Tug of war: we must shoot the targets and be faster and more precise than the other team.
  • Marbles: we have to guess between odd or even.
  • The Glass Steps: we must advance along the bridge, guessing which of the steps in each row is safe to reach the goal.
  • The Squid Game: using Mecha Guns, we must push the other players out of the game area by shooting them.

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