How To Get Rainbow Ink for Toona Fish in Season 8

How to use rainbow ink in fortnite - Much like the Kymera alien skin from season 7, Toona Fish is a Battle Pass skin that can be customized in multiple ways to show off your unique style. You'll unlock the skin at the beginning of page 1 of the Battle Pass, but each style will require a bit of polishing.

There are two collectibles to enhance your Toona fish skin: Colored Bottles and Rainbow Ink. Each one is personalized in a different way, so below we will explain what they are for and how you can find them all on the game map.

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Colored bottle locations in Fortnite and how to get Rainbow Ink

Epic Games You will need bottles of three colors to unlock new color styles for Toona Fish.
The colored bottles can be found in various places, and you will have to collect three of each color to unlock this style option. Check the table below to see the color you want to collect from the Toona Fish menu.

Here are all the colored bottles and their locations in Fortnite Season 8:

How To Get Rainbow Ink for Toona Fish in Season 8

Collect three bottles of each color and you can customize the Toona fish in as many colors as you like to make it unique. This will also allow you to purchase the corresponding font style.

How To Get Rainbow Ink in Fortnite

Epic Games Rainbow Ink is used to unlock character styles. Rainbow ink can be found in chests around the island. There was some confusion early in the season as to whether they would only be available from Cosmic Crates, but we can confirm that they are also available in regular boxes.

However, you may have a better chance of finding them in Cosmic Chests. These are only available in duos, trios, or squads and are opened when teammates take turns hitting them with a pickaxe. We have a cosmic chest guide that might help you.

  • When you earn enough rainbow ink, you can purchase predefined font styles for Toona Fish, which are based on famous Fortnite characters, classics like Peely and Bushranger (RIP).
  • Each of these font styles cost 10 rainbow inks to purchase and you will also need to unlock bottles of matching colors as shown in the table above.


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Another set of colored bottles and character styles should be unlocked in season 8 onwards. Thursday, September 30, 2021. We will keep this page updated when details on these are revealed, so check back soon!

So that's it, everything you need to know about Fortnite color bottles and rainbow ink for Toona.

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