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Fortnite birthday quests, Fortnite turns 4 and celebrates it with special rewards

How to throw birthday presents fortnite -  Despite the duality that Fortnite presents us, generating us both the impression of having been here all our lives, and that of being a still recent game, it seems incredible that the successful title of Epic Games is now celebrating its 4th anniversary. As in previous years, the company is back with an island-wide birthday party to celebrate the milestone, including giant birthday cakes and special rewards for completing some challenges.

Fortnite birthday quests, Fortnite turns 4  and celebrates it with special rewards

Although Fortnite was officially launched during the month of July 2017, after several years of development and testing, the Battle Royale version was not launched until a few months later, on September 26, 2017. And it is that beyond the game itself, it that will be celebrated this Sunday the birthday of the popular game mode that has taken it, and still maintains it, at the top of the scene.

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However, it will not be a one-day exclusive event. Repeating the pattern from previous years, the beginning of the Fortnite birthday party will mark the end of the event, so we will have to complete the challenges during this weekend to get all the rewards: an exclusive birthday cake pick (different than previous years), a number four cupcake emoticon, and a fourth birthday cake back item.

Completing this year's birthday challenge is simple, although somewhat tedious, since we will have to complete different missions to obtain each of the objects: dance in front of four birthday cakes, which can be found in all the main points of interest; eat four cake slices in four different parties; and the slightly more difficult one, finding and throwing four gift "grenades."

However, it is worth noting that there is a limited number of slices of cake available in each game and location on the map, so once they are consumed by other players, we will have to find the next location or even wait for the next game .

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So, remember that the event will be available to all players on all platforms, so we can complete the challenges from any device.

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