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Codpunkte. com : In this post we will share information about codpunkte com. Now is busy being the subject of discussion and discussion among cod mobile players because by using cod players will be able to get CP COD Mobile for free.

In a short time many have tried their luck with codpunkte. com, this can be seen from the online status that is currently accessing with the help of codpunkte com. If you want to know how to use then keep reading this post until the end.

To do an experiment using it is highly recommended to use the latest cod mobile account. This is so that if something happens due to the use of codpunkte com, the cod mobile account that you have will remain safe. To be clearer, this has been made in detail how to use

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How to get CP COD Mobile for free using

  1. Open a browser, then go to codpunkte com, with the address
  2. In the username field, please fill in the mobile cod username
  3. Select the platform used
  4. Tap continue
  5. Select the amount of CP you want to get
  6. Wait for the ongoing generate process to complete
  7. Tap verify, and follow the verification process to complete
  8. Finish


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That is the information that can be shared about, hopefully with this information you, including cod players who are lucky, can get free CP by using cod punkte kostenlos.

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