Harley Quinn will have a new skin and so you can get it

Harley quinn skin fortnite -  Epic Games and DC announced last month a new collaboration for the Batman / Fortnite comic series: Zero Point. This crossover will come with surprises for Fortnite players, as several exclusive skins based on the Dark Knight universe will be released.

If you are excited about the arrival of such content, you should know that Epic Games finally revealed the first special skin that it will offer. On the other hand, the company confirmed that in total it prepares 6 unique outfits based on Batman and company.

To get them it will only be necessary that you acquire physical copies of the comics, as each volume will include a code to unlock the rewards. If the comics are not yours, keep in mind that the skins will also be offered in the Battle Royale store.  

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This is what the new Harley Quinn skin looks like for Fortnite

The first issue of Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point will be released in physical and digital format on April 20. The publication will be available in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Spain, Italy, Germany, among others.

Each physical tome will include a code to obtain cosmetic content in the Battle Royale. The first one is the new Harley Quinn skin. Players who redeem all 6 codes in the collection will receive a special reward: the Armored Zero Batman skin.

Epic explained that the Harley Quinn Rebirth outfit will only be available through the comic for now, but will be offered in the Battle Royale store in June of this year. As of this writing, it has not been revealed what the next rewards will be.

The next issues of the comics will be out on May 4 and 18. Later, there will be more issues on June 1 and June 15. The series will conclude on July 6 with the publication of the last volume. Below is a picture of the new Harley Quinn skin. 

Harley Quinn will have a new skin and so you can get it

It is important to mention that the codes included in the comics must be redeemed before May 1, 2025. Players who do not live in a country where Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point will be published will have the option to wait for the objects to arrive at the store. The publications will arrive in the fall to other countries such as Japan, Korea and France.

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“All Batman, Fortnite fans, stunning art, and edge-of-seat excitement won't want to miss out on the masked man taking on the Fortnite champions on the island, in a desperate attempt to save not only himself, but others. familiar faces of DC, "commented the companies.

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