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Codfreezone. com - suddenly became the subject of discussion among Call Of Duty players because they were believed to be able to produce free CP. But is it safe when we use Codfreezone com, or is it Cod free zone. com is a scam? Read on for this post because we will share information about Codfreezone .com call off duty immediately filled the Google search engine, it turns out that many cod mobile players want to get CP without spending money. But before you use Codfreezone. com, you should first try on the latest account, because Codfreezone.con is a generator. Generate CP COD mobile from Codfreezone com


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As you already know when we use a generator, the game developer will give sanctions to the account we have, because indeed with the generator it will also be detrimental to the gain from the developer.

But if you still want to try using, below the admin has made a complete tutorial about Codfreezone com, for more details, please see the explanation below.

How to get CP COD Mobile for Free by using

  • Open a browser on your internet-connected device
  • Please go to the cod free zone com site, namely:
  • Select the amount of CP you want to get
  • Enter the COD Mobile Username
  • Select the type of platform you want to get
  • Tap Next Step
  • Tap Generate, Wait for the generate process to finish
  • Perform the Verification process
  • Finish

Is it safe to use
The admin's own opinion when we force use Codfreezone com, it will be detrimental to the mobile cod account that we have. because if the developer finds out that we get CP using Codfreezone then it is certain that we will get a pretty harsh penalty


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As for the information that can be shared about, hopefully this post can be a reference for you, and once again it is recommended to get CP legally without having to use Codfreezone .com

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