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Level 4 mushroom free fire || place mushroom level 4 in free fire and Mushroom Free Fire Function

Level 4 mushroom free fire - Surely you already know with one of the Android games that is now really famous, namely free fire. In the game of free fire, it is really very exciting, besides the lightweight graphics system in the game free fire games are also very challenging and not saturating. This Free fire game has a variety of features when we are in the game, these tools range from weapons to mushroom free fire. For information that there is now a level 4 free fire mushroom that you can get in several places as we will share below.

Level 4 mushroom free fire || place mushroom level 4 in free fire and Mushroom Free Fire Function

Mushroom Free fire is the only type of food that you can get and you can use to add energy from the character or increase your character's health points regularly. This fungus is different from the effects received from Medkit which can cure and energize quickly, so the effect of this free fire mushroom will be to make a new bar called EP. When the blood of your character is decreasing, the EP bar will also decrease but the health points in your character will continue to increase. When the health point of your character is full, then the EP bar on your character will not be small but he will always be in the same nominal status until he is attacked.

Not only is mushroom level 4 free fire, but each free mushroom can be used to replace the medkit function, but unfortunately free fire mushrooms cannot be stored on inventory and if you want to use and eat free fire mushrooms, it can take up to 3 seconds, this time is 1 second faster than using Medkit. This is because the Mushroom can only be eaten where you find it. You have to remember and know that before you use or eat free fire mushrooms, you should pay attention to your surroundings and try that there are no enemies around you, by way of you can bark or you lie down so that the enemy does not see your character.

Function of Mushroom Free Fire

Mushrooms in free fire are divided into 3 groups, which distinguishes the three is only a factor for healing or adding energy. In addition, you also recognize the differences between the three colors of each mushroom free fire.
  • One red mushroom, then you can add energy to 50 HP
  • Two yellow mushrooms, then you can add energy to 75 HP
  • Three orange mushrooms, then you can add energy to 100 HP

Location of Level 4 Free Fire Mushrooms

Each free fire mushroom is spread in various corners of the map, therefore you can get the free fire mushrooms in front of the house, near the grass, and can also get mushrooms under the trees. But actually you will find it easy because free fire mushrooms have striking colors. Inside the Bermuda Map and Mad Dog map, you will be able to find the mushroom level 4 free fire. That's a little information admin can share about how to get mushroom level 4 free fire.

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