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Vibrant Egg PUB || how to use vibrant eggs in pubg and swap with prizes

Vibrant Egg PUB - now i will give you about the mobile pub pubg event which has many prizes and also interesting, so by joining this event you can get pubg mobile items according to the gifts you receive for free. You can see the function on eggs that have various colors so that you can understand them in detail and how to use the event, there are many players who are still confused about what the egg functions and how to use these colored eggs.

In this egg hunt event your job is to search for eggs that have different colors, if you want to take part in the event, you can go directly to the event page in the spring section with Colorful Eggs. To be able to get these eggs, the way is quite easy, which is widespread in various maps locations, and usually the eggs are next to the weapon, so you have to look for them in various houses and buildings, you will surely find the colored eggs..

Vibrant Egg PUB || how to use vibrant eggs in pubg and swap with prizes

If you have got a colorful egg, then the prize you get is in the form of BP Crates, which is equal to 150 to 300 BP Crates just by simply exchanging 5 colorful eggs. For more complete information, you can directly see the full review as follows.

How to get PUBG Mobile Colorful Eggs on Location / Maps

To get these colored eggs, they are very widely distributed randomly from various locations on maps, so if you have landed from an airplane using a parachute, you can directly boot in various locations, aiming for colored eggs you can get, before other people find the eggs, to following this event you can exchange the eggs with various prizes.

How to use colorful Eggs / Vibrant Egg with Gifts

To make use of colored eggs, you can find out in detail, actually this event is only a few people who already know about it but you can follow it to get the following interesting items as interesting items.
  1. You can open the first step in the spring draw event, then tap the banner event in the lobby page
  2. There is an egg located in the lower right side of the corner, then you can immediately click on the image
  3. Next you will automatically see on the surprise egg page, then please click on the egg image section, so if you will later get a random gift at the surprise egg
  4. The prizes that you will get will appear on the screen.

That is information that admin can share about how to use vibrant eggs in pubg and Exchange with prizes, hopefully this information will be useful and can be a reference for you.

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