Trucofreefire com || How to free diamond hack on

Trucofreefire com - In the previous post the admin has made a lot of buzz about various ganerators, especially generators to produce diamonds for free. Indeed, we know that diamond is very much needed in game play, especially the game we will discuss today, which is free fire game.

Trucofreefire com || How to free diamond hack on

If we talk about generators there will be no end, you can say this generator is dead one to grow a thousand. As we know maybe on the internet there are lots of diamond generator sites, but it is not possible for all of these generators to be active, because of the game developer itself must have complained about the generator site which was intended because it reduced the profits of the developer so that the site doesn't work again. But with complaints from developers it doesn't make hackers stop, but instead they actually make many other link generators, so we can say dead one grows to a thousand.

Admin comes with a post today will share about one generator that is still active, because when the admin is making this article the site is sure to still work. This generator also functions to get diamonds for free and for the generator name is

There are still a lot of players who are still confused and curious about how this generator works, but the core of this generator is all about the same, namely to get diamonds for free.

For more details here admin has made steps in using with detailed details, see carefully the steps below so that later you can get diamonds for free according to what you want.

How to get free diamonds at

Trucofreefire com || How to free diamond hack on

  1. First you have to prepare your device that is connected to the internet which will be used for online generators
  2. You visit the web address of using your device
  3. On the homepage you fill in your Free Fire account iD then you select the type of platform that is used by you, then you click on Connect
  4. Wait for the conction process a few times, if there is a notification that says Success click the Ok text
  5. After successful connection, you now specify the number of coits and diamonds that you get
  6. After being sure of the number of coits and diamonds, click on Generate
  7. The generate process lasts until it's finished, after that you have to verify and just follow the human verification ordered from the site
  8. If the verification process is complete, please check your Free Fire account and you see coins and diamonds that you have just cheated into your free fire account
  9. Finished

Apart from using, you can also get diamonds for free by using other generators such as live Ceton ffn free fire generators and Ebosu xyz fire..

I hope the post about How to get a free diamond on can be useful for you and can be the best solution for you, so you can get diamonds for free and you can be a winner in free fire.
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