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We know that in this game there are Battle Points (Coins) and Diamond as an official exchange tool for purchasing items or exclusive skins available on the Store Free Fire. You can only get this Diamond by doing a Top-up using a certain amount of money to be able to buy Diamond in the game or top-up on a third party such as Coda Shop. This method is the usual way for game fans.

For that we are here to provide solutions on how to get Diamond & Coin Free Fire by using the generator generator website that you need in the game. The following is how to get diamonds via Imes Space Fire as follows:

How to Hack Diamonds & Coins with an Imes Space Fire Generator || Hack Diamonds & Coins with Imes Space Fire Generators
  1. First step please not a web browser such as UC on your Smartphone or laptop / PC device.
  2. Then in the URL address column, type "" without the two quotes, then tap or click search / enter.
  3. You will go to the main page of the site, then please fill in the Free Fire Username and the device you are using for example Android or iOS, tap / click Procured.
  4. Next please select one proxy, for example tap London then tap / click Procced.
  5. Next, please enter the number of Diamonds and Coins in the available columns as needed, then tap / click Procced.
  6. The process of connecting Diamonds & Coins account and inject is in progress, wait until it's finished.
  7. Then the provider will do Human Verification, please tap Verify Now. This is done to check that you are not a Robot.
  8. After that, please follow according to the order presented until the verification process is complete.
  9. If it is finished, please enter the game, and check whether the diamond and the coin have been entered.
  10. Finished.

That's all you can say about Imes' review. Diamond Free Fire Free Space Fire Web Generator, hopefully become material knowledge and can be made an additional reference.

If there are no results, it's possible the developer has updated the security system of the Free Fire game. You can use other methods like using Tool 4u. VIP / FF to get a free diamond.

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