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FFWC Throne FF ~ How to sit on the FFWC Throne Bermuda and Gift from FFWC Throne Bermuda Free Fire

FFWC Throne FF ~ Free fire game always gives a very interesting surprise. Recently, admin got information that free fire game will provide a new free fire event called FFWC Throne Bermuda. The event is a Free fire tournament held for all countries in the world. If you are careful on the official website, Free fire there, you can already see a lot of state representatives who have registered.

FFWC Throne FF ~ How to sit on the FFWC Throne Bermuda and Gift from FFWC Throne Bermuda Free Fire

In addition, the Free Fire World Cup Bingo is now available, with the presence of the event players can free fire players to complete the world cup bingo provided that the player must complete several missions that have been on the FFWC Throne Free Fire event. If all entries can be completed, you will automatically have the opportunity to be able to get some prizes in the FFWC Throne Bingo Free Fire. Besides the prizes, you also have the opportunity to have 3 types of rewards such as bronze, silver and gold.

If you play with the PVE Free Fire mode by following the ffwc throne free fire, then you will have the chance to get some skin permanently. But on the condition that you have to look for as many tokens of bravery as possible. It's not enough to go there, the reward that you will also get is having the opportunity to get the newest character, Haryanto. Especially for the type of character Haryanto has a bushido specialty and is good at playing katana.

How to Sit on Bermuda Free Fire to Complete an FFWC Throne Event
  1. Please enter your respective free fire account.
  2. Then click the Latest Evenet Free Fire which is usually located on the lower right.
  3. In the Latest Evenet there are so many tasks that you have to complete one by one like the FFWC Throne Free Fire event
  4. You choose one of the tasks that you will complete, such as FFWC Throne Sitting 0/1 Times and many other tasks that must be completed.
  5. In order to complete the task fairly easily, you enter the free fire game by selecting Bermuda Map.
  6. If you will enter the Bermuda Map, then you are required to land at the Graveyard.
  7. Inside the Graveyard you are looking for a seat located behind the big house at the Graveyard.
  8. Please sit at the place (approximately 30 seconds). this process is done so that the task you are about to complete does not fail
  9. If you have sat for more than 30 seconds, you can now continue the battle. When the battle is complete, please return to the free fire bingo event menu.
  10. After that, please select / click one of the completed tasks to get the FFWC Token.
  11. You can collect as many FFWC Tokens as you can so you can exchange them for attractive prizes. To be able to redeem the prize you can simply click on the Exchange that is available on the Bingo Event.
  12. Done!

That's a review of How to sit on a young FFWC Throne and a Gift from FFWC Throne Bermuda Free Fire, hopefully this information can be useful and you can get prizes and winners in the FFWC Throne FF event.

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