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Submachine Gun Free Fire That Must Be Known

Submachine Gun Free Fire that must be known - In a game of weapons used to be able to survive and attack the enemy, in each game, of course, some choices of weapons that we can play either in fighter or survival games such as rules of survival, pubg mobile and Garena free fire games. In this Free Fire game we can find very many choices of weapons such as handguns, shotguns, etc., from the many types of weapons that we can use in this game.

Submachine Gun Free Fire That Must Be Known

On this occasion we would like to discuss related submachine gun weapons, for this one weapon really really fits when you play from the beginning you play free fire. This weapon is not only good for short distances, but this weapon also has a shot speed, making it easier to finish off enemies.

For those of you who don't know about the submachine gun in this free fire game, in this post we will give details for you, so that we can choose and determine which weapon type we want to use, so we just look at it the following explanation.

The Best Submachine Gun Free Fire 2019

  • UMP4

This UMP4 has a precision side of the weapon that can be called better with a value of 24, whereas to reload speed is quite fast, namely 62, another advantage is the support of all attachments such as scope, magazine, muzzle, or foregrip.

  • MP40

For this one weapon can be called having a fairly low specification, for the damage itself, the submachine gun generally has only 48 damage, the level of accuracy of this weapon is also low, which is only 17, attachmnet which is only supported by a magazine.

  • VSS

For the 3rd weapon, it has damage above the average of 50, apart from that the accuracy is very high, up to 90, but indeed the speed of the bullet with the other one is quite slow, which is only 48.

  •  P90

Weapons that only have a magazine attachment and scope have a rate of fire or a fairly large shot speed of 75, but indeed the accuracy can still be mentioned quite low because it only has a value of 37, apart from that the damage made is still standard which is 48.

  • MP5

By having a fairly high level of accuracy so there will be not much waste of bullets that you have and you can find on this one weapon, it has an accuracy of 53, this weapon is fast enough in reloading when you run out of bullets, damage is the same as two weapons above which is 48.

Maybe that's all that we can recommend to you about this Submachine Gun Free Fire. Hopefully this submachine gun free fire review can make it easier for you to win battles or fight. Thank you, hope it's useful

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