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Extaf Live FF - free fire To hack Diamond Free Fire with free fire - To be able to win the battle in the game there are so many tricks and ways, for example if you want to win the gunfight in free fire. As you already know that this free fire game is very popular among Android game lovers, besides the interesting and challenging games, this game also provides a lot of tools that can make it easier for you to win in every battle. Because with the help of the tool, you can use it to get free items such as diamonds and coins, and now one of the many search tools for free fire gamers is Extaf Live FF, which is a website that facilitates you to hack later diamond for free.

Extaf Live FF - free fire To hack Diamond Free Fire with

If we already have a lot of diamonds then we can exchange it for other items as we wish, these items can be like weapons, skins or characters. Actually, if you want diaomond it is a difficult and not easy job, because we have to win every fight first and then we will get diamonds. But since the existence of Extaf Live FF, the process to get the diamond can be quite easy and fast. Because indeed it is very natural for many Free Fire players to use the Extaf Live FF tool.

Extaf Live FF tool itself is still very new, so there are still many who do not know about this tool especially for how to use it. Actually, if you have used another diamond hack tool it's not difficult because the steps are almost the same. For those of you who want to get free diamonds and free fire coins? then you just follow the steps that we have prepared as follows.

How to use Extaf Live FF free fire
  • First of all you open the web ( then connect / connect the account free to the firewall first, by entering the FF username
  • If it's already connected, then later you will be presented on a page that contains item columns (diamond and coins)
  • Now you can just fill in the amount of diamond or coins free fire that will be injected
  • Determine the amount you want
  • If it's already done, then just click "Generate" to start the injek process
  • Wait for a confirmation sign from the tool
  • You confirm or verify
  • Now you can just open the free game and you can now see the diamond and coins there will automatically increase itself according to the amount we specify
  • Finished

That's a very easy trick to using Extaf Live FF, if you do this step correctly then the free diamond you want will increase and go straight to your free fire account.

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